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Packaging is essential in today’s day and age. We offer a variety of innovative packaging options that are sure to make a lasting impression!

Small Magnet Box

The Small Magnet Box is made out plastic and sure to fit the shape of your flash drive perfectly. It offers optimal protection and is available in a variety of print options.

Product Dimension:     94 x 45 x 20mm
Imprint Area:                 70 x 25mm

Big Magnet Box

For a sturdy yet beautiful box, you’ll love the Big Magnet Box. It’s a bit translucent and features a white finish. You can order these boxes blank or with an overprint. 

Product Dimension:     100 x 70 x 22mm
Imprint Area:                 80 x 50mm

Metal Flip Box

The metal flip box is made of high-quality metal and furnished with a foam inlay and hinged lip to keep it firmly fixed. These boxes are available for color printing as well.

Product Dimension:     93 x 57 x 19mm
Imprint Area:                 84 x 55mm

Metal Tin Box

Our metal tin box is equipped with a foam insert and designed to easily fit any key ring or any other type of light-printed material. These boxes are the most cost-effective option.

Product Dimension:     120 x 90 x 25mm
Imprint Area:                 110 x 80mm

Wooden Slide Box

If you’re ordering wooden custom USBs, the wooden side box is a good option. These boxes feature an elegant finish and are available in various prints and engravings.

Product Dimension:     80 x 50 x 25mm
Imprint Area:                 56 x 35mm

Wooden Flip Box

While the wooden flip box goes great with the wooden custom USBs, it’s also ideal for a number of other products. Our durable wooden flip boxes can be printed or engraved and offer a sophisticated flair your customers and clients are sure to love.

Product Dimension:     82 x 53 x 20mm
Imprint Area:                 68 x 40mm

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